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09 August 2006

A Bit of my heritage

Unfortunately the death recently of my auntie Katie has finally released a load of old photo's that I knew existed but had never seen.

I persuaded my Dad to put some on a disk for me and while they were here over the last two week I worked on a couple of pages of both my aunts - my Mam's sisters who are no longer with us.

This is Auntie Katie and Aunite Marjorie, both aged about 19. I just need one of my Mam now and then they can all go in an albumn together.

Weren't they gorgeous! Auntie Katie went on to work as a Pit Lass in the village where we are from and Auntie Marjorie worked in a local hospital. There was a few years between them and Mam was born when they were both grown up, and Auntie Katie had a little girl of her own.

I love these photos and have decided to make two smaller versions in frames for Christmas for my cousins - that's these lovely ladies daughters. You see each sister had one daughter and now there's only my Mam as Matriach and my two cousins and me left. - Gets you thinking doesn't it! Posted by Picasa


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