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16 June 2009

Still here - determined at some point in the not to distant future to get back into this blog. But need to overall it first.

20 May 2007

Widdling Man

Got to show you these piccies, taken as part of my online photo course with Cheryl Johnston. (I'll find a link later).

So we went to see the Widdling Man, down by the canal. I got really close to get some great shots, but he spooked me out a bit. I'm sure he was about to shout Boo, get off my podium. Hope you like them.

09 May 2007


Just added a new site to my links - http://www.davidstanleyphotography.com. Please go and have a look, I work with this man and his photographs are fantastic, you have to go and have a look for yourself, truly.

My little efforts are pretty useless compared with the loverly Dave, but then he doesn't do people in his shots, preferring the wild landscapes of our isles and further afield when he can get away. But here are some I shot at the weekend at Brock Bottom near Beacon Fell in Lancashire. (edited to say - one shot cos blogger isn't playing and won't let me upload any more than 1)

I was chuffed to bits when I saw all the Bluebells, reminded me of the bluebell wood near where I'm from in Cumbria on the River Derwent, that my mam used to take me on walks too.

13 April 2007


Easter holidays are nearly done with for another year. We visited DH family down south but before we went, we took a trip to Marton Mere near Southport to look at the duckies.

We had a lovely day and I got a bit more practice in with my new camera. Here are a couple of shots of Amy when she was happy for me to take pics and the ever reluctant James, after a couple he's had enough and you have settle for mean and moody.

16 February 2007

Canvas Creation

A while ago, I promised, alongwith some other girls, to create a canvas featuring my name for the craft shop that I teach, demo at and generally sit around having a laugh. They said mine was typically me and I thought I'd share a few pics of it with you.

15 February 2007

Valentines pressies

Had a lovely day with DD yesterday, we went to see Charlottes Web at the cinema. She loved the film, but had been pre-warned about the spider dying, so proceeded to hide under her coat at that bit, so I couldn't see her crying. Any way, as a treat for her and her brother and the lovely Valentines cards that they made for us, I put together a couple of little sweetie jars, ala Autumn leaves calender. Aren't they cute. Thank to Lianne at Little Silver hat for the fab selection of ribbons.

31 January 2007


Just in case anyone ever actually looks at my little old blog - (I know I'm still very poor at keeping it up to date). But as I say, in the vain hope that someone is out there - I thought you might like to know that on Saturday - 4th February, I will be demonstrating Cards and Gift ideas with a LURVE theme for all those romantics out there. If you would like to come along, I will be at PAPERCRAFT, St John's Precinct, Preston. I'll be there between 10.30 and 3pm.
I have some pics of the sweetie jars and the love tickets card that I'll be demo - ing, but I'll have to post them later (cos I is naughty and updating in my lunch hour at work).

So if anyone would like to pop along please do. And it will really freak me out if you mention you saw the blog and that's why you came, because I am convinced this blog is only looked at by me.

So bye for now, pics later (if I can get DH off the Rugby message forums).
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