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29 August 2006

Everyone but me!

Everyone's blog that I read seems to be going to Paris in October. Boo Hoo I wish I could afford to go! I hope they all have a great time and bring us back loads of lovely ideas of new things to make and play with. Have a nice time girls, can't wait to see your blogs whilst your there and when you get back.

So life is a bit hectic - last week of the holidays and my DH is away all week so Parents in law are staying with us to take care of Amy and pick up James from nursery for me. But the weathers been rubbish for them and poor MIL has a stinking cold. Amy can't wait to get back to school either, bless her. She's even agreed to wear cotton blouses for the first time, as we found some in M&S with butterflies on the pocket and short sleeves. It's taken us two years to persuade her. I'll believe it when she walks out the door next Monday I think. Camera at the ready!!!

OoOh - look what I was given today. My wonderful friend Marie has been to Harrogate for the weekend with her hubby and after taking her to Art from the Heart the other weekend, she couldn't wait to go back. I'd mentioned this book to her and said it was a bit expensive but I thought it was bootiful and she turned up on the door step this evening with it for me. 'Here you are, happy belated birthday, sorry it's not wrapped.' Well I didn't know what to say, but she said it was also part thank you for taking her to all these places as she can't go on her own (doesn't drive you see). What a gorgeous lady she is. Can't wait to go and snuggle up in bed and have a good old read.

Bye for now.


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