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01 November 2006

Witchy Wonders

So I've neglected the blog - it also seems, looking around the tip that is our house, that I've neglected a lot at the moment. But plans are afoot to rectify the situation. Starting here, with a post of my two lovelies all spooked up for last night.
My beautiful girl is a bit under the weather, and I don' think the temperature last night helped matters, she protested a lot that her 'feet were stiff as boards'. Wonder where she got that from?

Secondly is our first attempt at pumpkin carving. I was quite please with it, but I think I need to use a smaller pin to prick the pattern out next time and carving with two small people trying to help is not an easy thing to do.

They got an abosolute ton of teeth rotting trash and as there were six of them altogether, we shared it all out as equally as we could, but we'll still be eating it all this time next year I'm sure.

Halloween party number 2 is on Friday for my sweet pea girl and this time she has to manage a ballet and tap lesson (in her costume) before nipping across the hall to the school disco. (what a social life).

Oh and she has also been picked to be Jack Frost in this years KS1 school play - what a star!!!


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