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09 May 2007


Just added a new site to my links - http://www.davidstanleyphotography.com. Please go and have a look, I work with this man and his photographs are fantastic, you have to go and have a look for yourself, truly.

My little efforts are pretty useless compared with the loverly Dave, but then he doesn't do people in his shots, preferring the wild landscapes of our isles and further afield when he can get away. But here are some I shot at the weekend at Brock Bottom near Beacon Fell in Lancashire. (edited to say - one shot cos blogger isn't playing and won't let me upload any more than 1)

I was chuffed to bits when I saw all the Bluebells, reminded me of the bluebell wood near where I'm from in Cumbria on the River Derwent, that my mam used to take me on walks too.


Blogger Marie R said...

Angela this is lovely. My Dad used to take us walking through Brock and over Beacon Fell to Chipping, when we were young. Mum couldn't come as she couldn't walk any distance really because of her heart. So Dad used to take us children out for days and that was one of the places we went to. Lovely memories so thanks for that!
Couldn't do it now though, think drink in the Green Man, if it is still there, is as far as I'd get!!! Marie x

4:41 pm  
Blogger Jules said...

That is a lovely photo. It looks like the perfect place for fairy folk ;o)

8:17 am  

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