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31 January 2007


Just in case anyone ever actually looks at my little old blog - (I know I'm still very poor at keeping it up to date). But as I say, in the vain hope that someone is out there - I thought you might like to know that on Saturday - 4th February, I will be demonstrating Cards and Gift ideas with a LURVE theme for all those romantics out there. If you would like to come along, I will be at PAPERCRAFT, St John's Precinct, Preston. I'll be there between 10.30 and 3pm.
I have some pics of the sweetie jars and the love tickets card that I'll be demo - ing, but I'll have to post them later (cos I is naughty and updating in my lunch hour at work).

So if anyone would like to pop along please do. And it will really freak me out if you mention you saw the blog and that's why you came, because I am convinced this blog is only looked at by me.

So bye for now, pics later (if I can get DH off the Rugby message forums).


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