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01 January 2007

Happy New Year

Well that's it all over and done with for another year. We had my husbands family to stay over Christmas and last night was a very quiet affair, with both kids in bed by 7.30, as they were completely shattered and me and DH watching Da vinci Code. The ridiculous neighbours decided to set off the biggest fireworks in the world which shook the house as their garden is directly opposite our front door. I know there is a small pathway lined with trees between us, but really it was annoying. (Bah Humbug I know). The only saving grace was the fact that the kids stayed asleep this year, every other year they have been woken by them.

I was lucky enough to get a new camera Canon D400 and am thrilled to bits with it. The picture above was taken using the camera, and I know it's not great but I didn't do much fiddling with it. It's very much as it was. Amy is checking on the Santa key, that he uses to get into our house as we don't have a chimney. It obviously worked again as they got a pile of stuff including a Sylvanian family Willow Hall for Amy and a Garage and cars and dinosaurs for James.

I hope the New Year is kind to you and I hope my 2 year old starts to behave himself as he seems to have decided to completely ignore everything I say to him and do as he pleases. That's right - he's two!!!! They are meant to behave like this aren't they?

Best wishes to you all.


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