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18 December 2006

Gym- tastics

Quick post, as I've been a bad blogger again.
This is my girl at her first ever gymnastics competition at the Bolton Arena. She's only been doing it since September, and looked far too small to be taking part in such a big competition. She didn't win any medals, but one of her friends did, and got a silver overall in her age group - we were in tears with pride and happiness. I hope she carries on with this and with maturity realises that it doesn't matter if she wins every time, as long as she enjoys taking part. I would have loved to do this at her age.

I have some video of her that a friend took, but i'm not sure how to post that here yet. Don't the City of Preston Gymnastics Club Track suits look great - all the girls did so well and really looked the part.

Can't wait for the next one.

Now we can concentrate on this Christmas business.
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