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29 August 2006

Everyone but me!

Everyone's blog that I read seems to be going to Paris in October. Boo Hoo I wish I could afford to go! I hope they all have a great time and bring us back loads of lovely ideas of new things to make and play with. Have a nice time girls, can't wait to see your blogs whilst your there and when you get back.

So life is a bit hectic - last week of the holidays and my DH is away all week so Parents in law are staying with us to take care of Amy and pick up James from nursery for me. But the weathers been rubbish for them and poor MIL has a stinking cold. Amy can't wait to get back to school either, bless her. She's even agreed to wear cotton blouses for the first time, as we found some in M&S with butterflies on the pocket and short sleeves. It's taken us two years to persuade her. I'll believe it when she walks out the door next Monday I think. Camera at the ready!!!

OoOh - look what I was given today. My wonderful friend Marie has been to Harrogate for the weekend with her hubby and after taking her to Art from the Heart the other weekend, she couldn't wait to go back. I'd mentioned this book to her and said it was a bit expensive but I thought it was bootiful and she turned up on the door step this evening with it for me. 'Here you are, happy belated birthday, sorry it's not wrapped.' Well I didn't know what to say, but she said it was also part thank you for taking her to all these places as she can't go on her own (doesn't drive you see). What a gorgeous lady she is. Can't wait to go and snuggle up in bed and have a good old read.

Bye for now.

18 August 2006

Set to Crop

Been a bit busy this last week or so, off on leave with the kids and DH. I'm still managing to get to the crops at Paper Craft in Preston which are such a laugh and I taught the Christmas Flag book class on Wednesday. It went really well and yesterday at the kids class, one of the pupils had brought two further books that she had created once she had gotten home. That girl can't possibly sleep.

Going to the NorthWest Crop in Golborne near Wigan tomorrow and looking forward to a whole day of scrappin and a bit of shopping too. MIL has arrived early to look after Amy for the holidays so she can come and get going on her scrapping again with me tomorrow.

Here are some pics of our days out over the last couple of weeks - hopefully after tomorrow I should have some LO's to show you.

09 August 2006

A Bit of my heritage

Unfortunately the death recently of my auntie Katie has finally released a load of old photo's that I knew existed but had never seen.

I persuaded my Dad to put some on a disk for me and while they were here over the last two week I worked on a couple of pages of both my aunts - my Mam's sisters who are no longer with us.

This is Auntie Katie and Aunite Marjorie, both aged about 19. I just need one of my Mam now and then they can all go in an albumn together.

Weren't they gorgeous! Auntie Katie went on to work as a Pit Lass in the village where we are from and Auntie Marjorie worked in a local hospital. There was a few years between them and Mam was born when they were both grown up, and Auntie Katie had a little girl of her own.

I love these photos and have decided to make two smaller versions in frames for Christmas for my cousins - that's these lovely ladies daughters. You see each sister had one daughter and now there's only my Mam as Matriach and my two cousins and me left. - Gets you thinking doesn't it! Posted by Picasa

02 August 2006

Birthday Brilliance

It was my birthday on Saturday and I decided to visit Art From the Heart in Harrogate and spend a day getting messy with Dyan in her wonderful studio. I took a couple of friends who run my local craft shop along and apart from melting in the heat - we had a ball. We made three projects, the flag book is pictured here using Daisy D papers. Since showing everyone in the craft shop on Monday, when I was 'shop girl' for the day as the owner was on her hols, everyone now wants a class.
Paying all due credit to Dyan and her wonderful teaching style I now have to find some appropriate papers and work out how to get them to crease and fold and stick in all the right places to end up with something similar. (I've done it before, I'm sure I can do it again!).
Next on our hit list was an envelope book using the wonderful suet dumpling papers - I didn't quite get it finished and it's currently having it's glossy accents dry at the craft shop after last nights crop so pictures will come later. Then came the piece de resistance - a bingo board covered in scrummy blonde moments paints and sugar dumpling paper - yummy yummy. This I did finish, but as Amy loves pink and it was the perfect size for her spelling lists come September, it is now proudly on display at the caravan where she is staying with Mam and Dad - so again pictures later.
So a great day and I can't wait to go back for more! Thanks Dyan!!!
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