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17 July 2006


Still trying to get to grips with blogger and get my blog looking and saying the things I want. It's a work in progress and it'll come together soon.
I've added a couple of links to my little shop and Kirsty Wiseman's blog, which I love to read and view her work. Such a talented lady. You must take a peek it's great.

In the quest to upgrade my digital camera, (not that there's anything wrong with the one I've got, just in case it's reading this over my shoulder and decides to throw a wobbler and stop working), I took myself off yesterday morning, at stupid o'clock and tried to sell as much baby stuff and rubbish as I could.

The pram went to a lady who was extremely chuffed with herself as she reckoned she could sell it for twice the £70 she paid me for it on ebay. Well good luck to you dear, but by the time you'd paid parcel force to send it, paid for the bubble wrap to wrap it and taken into account your ebay fees, not to mention it cluttering your house up while you takes it glamour shots, I'll be quite content with the cold hard cash and the downstairs toilet that is now fully accessible, thank you very much!

The play pen went as well, but I wished I'd had a pound for everyone that threatened to put their small child in it and called it a cage as they sauntered past! And why is it, that just as someone has decided to purchase it and has knocked a fiver off the asking price, does someone else suddenly decide at exactly the same moment that they want it, when nobodies took any notice of it for the last hour. The same thing happened to the guy next to me. He'd been knocked down in price on a set of weights he was selling, only to have two more people ask how much they were at exactly the same moment!

Ah well, the charity shop should do well out of the left overs and I made £140. Half of which will go the camera fund and the other on the new carpet needed for the living room.

So that was my Sunday and here is the latest LO of DS.

Hopefully should be able to go to the crop in Preston tomorrow night and will upload whatever I get done.

14 July 2006

Heads up!

Hooray - I did it, I managed to put my own header onto the blog. Took some doing, lots of tooing and froing, looking at other peoples html code to see how they had done it, but it looks like it worked.

I took the picture a couple of weeks ago of Morecambe Bay, we had taken the kids for a pic-nic on the beach as the weather reporters kept telling us it would be cooler at the sea. Not so - after 30 minutes of lunch and a quick stroll along the beach to pick up dead crabs (nice!), we were all hot and bothered and got back into a nice air conditioned car, to find the temp outside was 35.5 degrees.
Right now to titivate the rest of the blog so you know who I am!

13 July 2006

Tiny Steps

So this is the first post and the wonders of modern technology say I can't view what my blog looks like until I've made at least one post. So here it is.
Now please let me play with the creative stuff!
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