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16 February 2007

Canvas Creation

A while ago, I promised, alongwith some other girls, to create a canvas featuring my name for the craft shop that I teach, demo at and generally sit around having a laugh. They said mine was typically me and I thought I'd share a few pics of it with you.

15 February 2007

Valentines pressies

Had a lovely day with DD yesterday, we went to see Charlottes Web at the cinema. She loved the film, but had been pre-warned about the spider dying, so proceeded to hide under her coat at that bit, so I couldn't see her crying. Any way, as a treat for her and her brother and the lovely Valentines cards that they made for us, I put together a couple of little sweetie jars, ala Autumn leaves calender. Aren't they cute. Thank to Lianne at Little Silver hat for the fab selection of ribbons.

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