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08 September 2006

Pretty in Pink

Here's a LO I did at the last Northwest Crop - which was fab by the way.

I got the Heidi Swapp masks for my birthday and kept them for the crop so I could play in peace and tranquility. I love them - need to use all the other ones I bought as well now though.

I went a bit mad with Heidi Swapp stuff on this one - fuzzy rub ons are also brill if you haven't tried them before. I really enjoyed getting the acrylic paints out - I always loved messing with paints, I must do it more often.

Well I've had a few weeks from hell, but true to form, I'm trying to look on it philosophically, cos we're all still here and healthy and everything that happened was sortable. - It started with our main car being reversed into outside the house by the charity furniture van (see earlier post) - its mended now and back home. Then I had a slight argument in the other car with the wall of the car park in town - bar a few dimples and scrapes - it will do. Then Monday I got my heal caught in the gratings on the school playground, wobbled and managed to get the other heal stuck as well - I had to stand in stocking feet on a wet playground and then pull them both out, losing the end of one of them and chewing up both shoes in the process. Then I lost one of my favourite earrings - not idea where thats gone, then to top it all off last night as I was going to bed I noticed the freezer was making a funny noise. Yep you guessed it - I'd left the door open from the night before and everything had defrosted. So off to the bin I went. Oh joy, Oh rapture. Not to mention the nightmare that is my work place at present, where no one knows what is going on and when it will be sorted - please give me a large compulsory redundancy package and at least you will have one less problem to sort!!!!

So life is still good, the littlies are still gorgeous, and DH is home at last for the weekend. I'll be teaching a class tomorrow and I know I'll really enjoy it. Things could be so much worse!

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